Welcome new students to the Yao Lab

September 2, 2021

It is very exciting that we have three new students joining our lab this fall!

Hannah Wang joins us from Taiwan and she did her B.S. and M.S. in Forestry & Resource conservation. Her past research focuses on biomass based materials. 

Jennifer Kroeger joins us from Washington D.C. and she did her B.S. Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences from Rice University. Her past research is about biochar and she has working experience as a Baccalaureate Fellow in Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI). 

Tessa Lee joins us from UK and she did her BA in Natural Science - Earth Science in the University of Cambridge. Tessa has years of working experience in waste managment. 

Hannah and Jennifer are new PhD students and Tessa is a new student in the Master of Environmental Science.

Welcome, Hannah, Jennifer, and Tessa!